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Program Support
On a program level, Dextra's environmental business consulting practice seeks to add value to the client's overall environmental program, working hand-in-hand with the client and his or her staff. We focus first on the big picture, providing management consulting services to understand and assess current environmental practices as well as long-term business objectives. We then offer refinements and alternative practices that help reduce costs and bring the program more fully into alignment with the strategic direction of the company. Our environmental business consulting practice includes services in three categories: management consulting, resource leveling, and compliance.
Project Delivery
On a project level, Dextra leverages its extensive experience to assist clients with project implementation. Our project-level support covers multiple areas, including site restoration, environmental infrastructure, auditing, risk evaluation, and environmental planning.
Project Management
At the heart of everything that Dextra does is our commitment to exceptional project management. Our approach to project delivery is based on the premise that most environmental projects fall short of expectations not because of the lack of technical know-how, but because of a lack of attention to detail on the critical aspects of project management. Dextra offers a full suite of services related to project planning and implementation, plus the unique practice of project analysis and salvage and project management training.

Success Stories

Strategic Thinking
Dextra prides itself on the strategic approach it applies to problem solving. For remediation sites, such an approach often involves Dextra developed tools such as a Site Management Strategy Workshop and Blue Ribbon Panel Remedy Evaluation. Both of these tools along with a modified corrective action approach consisting of interim measures were used at a remediation site in the southeast to accelerate the cleanup and closure process. EPA representatives have commented that Dextra’s approach for this site has set a new standard for how remediation projects should be judged and modeled.
Remediation Portfolio Risk Evaluation
Remediation sites face a wide range of uncertainties that can flare up and cause unexpected cost escalation and reputational damage. While this can be alarming on an individual site, it is especially problematic on a large portfolio of remediation sites. Dextra has worked with several clients to develop risk models to score the key factors that trigger uncertainty in remediation sites. These models have helped identify the risks facing the portfolio, fostered dialogue at various altitudes within a client organization, and led to initiatives focused on risk mitigation.
Risk-Based Landfill Closure
Dextra saved Twin Oaks Power approximately $1 million through preparing and obtaining regulatory approval for a risk-based closure plan amendment for one of Twin Oaks’ above-ground, coal ash landfills. The amendment allowed using compacted coal ash for the remaining landfill cap instead of imported clay. The use of a risk assessment to support selection of a non-clay cap for coal ash had only been approved once before in Texas.
Landfill Closure and Groundwater Monitoring
Since 2000, Dextra has provided comprehensive solid waste consulting services to Southern Nuclear Operation Company, Inc. (SNC). When SNC initiated a project to expand the nuclear generating capacity at the Vogtle Electric Generation Station, Dextra worked with SNC and the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) on a risk-based closure for an encroached landfill. Approval for landfill clean closure, which had previously not been granted by EPD, was obtained, allowing the plant expansion project to proceed on schedule.
Full-Scale Remediation Via a Pilot Study
To address residual groundwater contamination at a former facility in the southeast U.S., Dextra oversaw implementation of in situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) using permanganate. This was accomplished via a pilot study that was set up with the flexibility to cost effectively determine whether ISCO would be successful and to perform additional injections in support of full-scale remediation. The pilot study was so successful that additional remediation appears unnecessary. A request for closure has been submitted to the State agency.
Risk Evaluation Software Development
Dextra assisted a food and beverage client with developing a custom software tool that allows the client to evaluate source-water protection risks for all of its facilities. This tool, which is easily updated, has allowed the client to prioritize capital projects and long-term planning for each facility and company-wide using the resulting risk profiles.
PCB Contamination in Wastewater System
Illegal dumping of waste oil into the sewer system of a major municipality in South Carolina resulted in the discovery of PCBs at over 50 ppm at the City’s wastewater plant. Andrew Romanek worked closely with the EPA Region 4 to develop a Decontamination and Waste Disposal Plan that satisfied EPA requirements while allowing some flexibility so that the municipality could continue to operate their wastewater facilities. Submittal of a plan and initial decontamination efforts were completed within just three weeks of the initial discovery of PCBs.
O&M Cost Savings
In the role of outsourced project manager, Dextra has been supporting an industrial client with ongoing O&M for one of its remediation sites. O&M is complicated by some site-specific compounds in groundwater that have historically required offsite disposal. However, through a collaborative process with the client and consultant, a cost-effective alternative was devised using enhanced treatment and reinjection. Construction of the new system is underway and expected to save over $500,000 in O&M costs per year with a return on investment of only two years.
Operation Oversight
Dextra, working in collaboration with Brown and Caldwell (BC), is currently involved in a unique project related to oversight of wastewater plant operation during large rain events. Through a process of working directly with plant operators, the BC/Dextra team has identified and implemented several improvements that have reduced large SSOs. Praised by both the City and City’s Program Manager, this project has resulted in wastewater treatment capacity gains through operational changes only, thus saving potentially millions of dollars in additional capital projects.
Representative Client List


Kurt Batsel
Kurt has over 30 years of experience managing environmental projects for industry, primarily involving remediation under RCRA and CERCLA. He has worked with a broad range of technologies and contaminant groups, with key focus on a strategic approach to bring complex projects to successful completion.
Kathleen Gill
Kathleen founded Dextra in 1998 to focus on creating measurable and sustainable value for her industrial clients. Her practice involves the use of interactive tools and group facilitation to solve business problems, plan and implement cost-effective environmental programs, and build teams to meet the mission and goals.
Andrew Romanek
Andrew is a certified Project Management Professional with 20 years of experience managing environmental projects and optimizing management processes, systems, and delivery. Andrew's diversity of experience allows him to find pathways to success for even the most complex projects.


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